Dedicated to crafting innovative and high-quality componentry, Token are all about providing their customers with peak performance products. With speed in mind, Token strive to make each new part lighter, stronger and faster than the last. Applying meticulous attention to detail seen nowhere else in the industry, Token thrive on overcoming problems, believing that even the smallest change can make a big difference.

All Token products are built to the highest standard possible, with each new component prototype undergoing a series of rigorous machine testing processes. However, Token don’t just test their products in the lab. All of their new components are taken out on rides and are used by the staff at Token. This kind of testing allows each member of the team to gain a better understanding of how the design and material changes affect the new part. The staff at Token truly believe that if they don’t love the product, why would anyone else.

Every Token component is designed and crafted for performance, so it is extremely important that the pros satisfied with each new product. As part of the testing each new component is given to the pros who push the new Token part to its limit. Once they are satisfied then the part finally earns the right to wear the Token logo.

‘Token is more than just a bike company and we want our products to reflect this. When a Token product is in your hand, you’ll clearly see the pride and craftsmanship used to make it. When you put the products on your bike, you’ll immediately feel the performance improvement. We do all this because we have a passion for extremely well-crafted parts and a passion for innovation but most important, we have a passion for riding our bikes.’ – Token Components