Torq Organic Bars – 15 Pack

Torq’s Organic Bars are made from all-organic, plant-based ingredients with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Low in fat the bars are chewy, moist, fruity and delicious. Individually wrapped the bars are easy to open and consume on the fly and can really help fuel your high-intensity training sessions and races.

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Multiple-Transportable Carbohydrates
The Torq Bar utilises a blend of glucose-derivatives and fructose that are exceptionally close to the 2:1 ratio recommended by a great number of peer-reviewed published research. The carbohydrate, present in the bars, is derived from osmolality maize-derived maltodextrin (a long chain glucose derivative), oats, raisins, rice crisps, and fructose syrup. This dual-delivery carbohydrate formulation has been proven beyond doubt to supply energy faster than any other combinate of carbohydrates or single carbohydrate source formulations.

The concentrated nature of the bar puts its tonicity firmly in the hypertonic zone – this means that the product has been optimised to priorities fuel delivery over fluid supply. This, combined with the bar’s unique integrated of multiple-transportable carbohydrates and their soft, moist and chewy texture makes the bar an extremely potent useable fuel source.

Easy to Eat
The moist and chewy nature of the Torq Bar makes them easy to consume on the move. With no crumbs and no mess, the bars can easily be consumed one-handedly while on the move. The bars are also individually wrapped for further convenience and easy transportation.

Ribose is used in the bar and it plays a unique role in the recovery process. D-Ribose is a natural 5-carbon sugar, which is manufactured by the human body from glucose and is present in every living cell of the body. It is used to manufacture ATP, the energy currency of the cell, from scratch. Following intense training, particularly heavy physical training, full recovery at a cellular level requires ribose. Research has proven that supplementation with ribose can boost cellular recovery by 340-430%.

Directions for Use
Best suited to slower, longer endurance races, the bars are great for before and during training – delivering slow-releasing energy. Consume 2-3 bars per hour for best results.

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