Fulcrum – RM7-14DFRB52XD Red Metal XRP 650B 6intl SRAM X011 135/142F&R

RM7-14DFRB52XD Red Metal XRP 650B 6intl SRAM X011 135/142F&R


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The RED METAL XRP 650B is a tubeless wheelset ready for the rigors and extreme demands of professional racing.

Weighing in at a mere 1525gr for the pair, the newly added XRP 650B is light enough for the toughest climbs as well as for the quickest accelerations on race day.
Performance solutions lies in exclusive technology such as the triple-milled, lightened rim, the oversize carbon fiber hub and thinned straight head steel spokes with the unique Fulcrum Two-to-One™ spoke layout on the front wheel.

The rear wheel also boasts a milled rim and lightweight aluminum nipples in an effort to keep rotational mass low while maintaining structural integrity.
Double seal construction, with one seal directly incorporated into bearings and another in the hub, ensures that these wheels maintain their efficiency over time and can stand up to the most demanding terrains of off road cycling.


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