Shimano-Tiagra ST-4720 Hydraulic Mechanical STI/4770 Flat Mount Calipers

The biggest innovation within the Tiagra group is undoubtedly the introduction of a group-integrated hydraulic disc brake system with new BR-4770 flat-mount calipers. The new ergonomic dual-control shift/brake levers (ST-4720). For even more customisation options, the Tiagra Group offers an additional STI model (ST-4725), which has been specially designed for drivers with small hands by changing the angle to the handlebars and outwards.

  • Use: Road/Cyclocross
  • Group: Tiagra
  • Model: ST-4720
  • Type: Dual-Control (STI)
  • Gear front: 2-speed
  • Optical gear display: No
  • Lever reach adjust: Yes
  • Handlebar diameter: 23.8mm/24.2mm
  • Brake-type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Brake caliper: BR-4770
  • Brake mounting: Flat-Mount
  • Brake pads: Resin
  • Brake hose: SM-BH90-JK-SSR front 1000mm (shortable)
  • One-Way bleeding: Yes
  • Brake fluid: Mineral oil
  • Recommended brake rotor: SM-RT70 (140mm/160mm)
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