Saris – Zwift 12 Months Membership Card

ZWIFT is an immersive web based game that transforms indoor cycle training and makes it fun and rewarding for riders of all abilities


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When time is at a premium or the weather lets you down, ZWIFT offers an alternative chance to make sure you don't miss out on precious bike miles whilst in the comfort of your spare bedroom or garage
Real-world efforts made on your indoor cycle trainer power your personalised avatar across beautiful landscapes of virtual world Watopia, London or Richmond


Used in conjunction with a new generation smart trainer like the Saris H3, every climb and descent of the virtual world can be experienced with true to life variable riding resistance
Communicate with thousands of athletes using your ZWIFT mobile app to add live rider to rider interaction
Participate in virtual ride outs and races, complete one of the many pre defined workouts or simply explore the virtual world
As you ride you will gain bonuses and achievements for mileage and effort, unlocking new areas and opportunities within the game
Membership card options give 3 or 12 months subscriber access to the ZWIFT platform
Simply purchase a card, scratch off the security seal and redeem the personalised code on the back of the card at the ZWIFT website so you can get started today

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