USN – TRUST Protein Fuel 50g RTD – 500ml bottle

Trust Protein 50 boasts an incredible 50g of Protein in each delicious drink and ideal for anyone looking for their protein fix on the go. 50g of Protein Lactose Free
6 x 500ml Bottles


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USN Trust Protein 50

High in protein and ready to drink in a 500ml bottle ideal to take on the go!

Protein Fuel 50 assists you in the building of lean muscle mass and strength through muscle protein synthesis. The nutritional formulation contains 10.6g BCAA’s, 50g Protein and 20g Carbohydrates, offering support for high intensity resistance exercise.

6 Flavours
Lactose Free
6 x 500ml Bottles

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Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla