GP A76 LR44 Button Cell Batteries (2 Pack)

Replacement battery for:

  • Garmin Vector 3 Power Meters
  • Garmin Vector 3S Power Meters


LR44, AG13, G13, L1154, V13GA, A76, 1166A, A76LR44, AG-13, FM28F, GP76A, GPA76, KA76, L1154, LR44, RW82, V13GA,



The CR2032 is a flat lithium coin cell battery manufactured by GP to provide a stable source of power to a varied range of electronic devices. This button cell battery is sold in a pack of 5 units, each of which has a voltage of 3V, a nominal capacity of 220mAh, and a wide functional temperature range (-10°C to +60°C). Each button cell has a 20mm diameter and a height of 3.2mm. These batteries operate on a lithium manganese dioxide chemistry and are mercury free.

The GP CR2032 can be used as a backup battery for digital cameras, computer memory units, watches, remote controls, pocket calculators, laser pointers, cycle computers, and more. These small but powerful coin cell batteries boast a long shelf life and will keep their charge for up to 10 years.

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