NamedSport – Total Energy Fruit Jelly – Peach & Orange 28 X 42g

With carbohydrates and electrolytes. For use during endurance sport to provide energy and replace electrolytes lost through sweating.


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Natural fruit-based energy product enriched with magnesium and potassium. Total Energy Fruit Jelly is tasty and easy to digest. A great alternative to an energy bar or energy gel delivering fast energy whilst on the go. Ideal for those who practice intense and prolonged sports. 

  •  Natural fruit jelly energy supplement rich in mineral salts and carbohydrates
  •  Provides energy and supports performance during training and racing.
  •  Contains 72% real fruit.
  •  Contains Potassium to aid muscle functionality.
  •  Contains Magnesium to promote good muscle function and help prevent cramp.
  •  Great alternative to gels.

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