NamedSport – Total Energy Fruit Carbo Gel Agrumix 24 X 40ml

Energy-rich gel with dextrose and fructose to replenish glycogen levels during endurance exercise.


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Energy-rich gel with maltodextrin at different assimilation rate: (D.E.: 9,19) dextrose, fructose, enriched with mineral salts. The balanced mix of carbohydrates with different rates of assimilation ensure a gradual and constant release of energy together with the benefits of sodium and potassium to help prevent cramping and muscle soreness. For this reason, Total Energy Carbo Gel is particularly useful in high-intensity endurance sports.              

  •  Tasty energy gel with maltodextrin & mineral salts
  •  Replenishes glycogen levels
  •  Featuring sodium and potassium
  •  Time released Maltodextrin (D.E.: 9,19) for gradual and constant release of energy.
  •  Potassium plays a role in muscle functionality.
  •  Particularly useful during endurance sports

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