NamedSport – Creamy Protein 80 500g Pouch – 3 Flavours

Creamy Protein 80 is a rich smooth tasting shake composed of a natural blend of 5 proteins- whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and egg protein.




This unique formulation contains all of the essential amino acids. Creamy Protein 80 is naturally rich in branched chain amino acids, supporting the prevention of muscular catabolism and assisting with the maintenance of muscle mass. Its low carb recipe with natural plant sweetener (steviol glycosides) makes it perfectly suited for low calorie diets. The benefits of the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ 5 protein blend delivering different absorption rates, make this a superb choice for consumption both after training and as a morning or night time protein source.

  •  23.1g of creamy protein per 30g serving
  •  Exclusive blend of 5 natural proteins featuring different absorption rates
  •  Combination of fast and slow releasing proteins to help prevent muscular catabolism
  •  Promotes muscle mass and recovery post training
  •  Particularly suitable for consumption both before or after training
  •  Low fat & lactose free
  •  No added sugar, perfect for low-calorie diets
  •  500g = 16 servings

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