Fulcrum – E-METAL 3 27.5 BOOST MS12 6Bolt EM3-19DFR752BM

E-METAL 3 27.5 BOOST MS12 6Bolt EM3-19DFR752BM


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The smaller diameter version of the wheel that is the benchmark for Trail riding. Not only for smaller frames, but also and especially for those choosing greater wheel travel or the easier handling offered by this size.

All the technologies introduced by the E-MTB specific project, or rather the refinements and innovations, are already there, ready to prove their worth on downhill trails. The welded rim with differentiated asymmetric profile, bladed spokes with variable profile or the reinforced hub with disc flange designed specifically for the bigger diameter discs required to slow down the momentum of an E-MTB, are just some of the examples of a promise delivered right from the start.

The first roots and two sharp pedal strokes are all it takes to make you realize that E-Metal 3 will be a turning point for your bike’s dynamics.