Pedros – White Grease 85g

Pedro’s White Grease 85g is a multi purpose grease. Premium lithium-complex grease with PTFE additives, operating temperatures between -40C to 180C.

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Used everywhere from the threads of hardware to the interface between mating components and in demanding applications like wheel and bottom bracket bearings, grease has a tough job when it comes to bicycles. Choosing the correct grease is essential to protect key parts from corrosion and wear, provide high efficiency, and ensure it lasts between servicing in the demanding conditions bicycles encounter.

Pedro’s White Grease is up to the challenge. White Grease is a premium, lithium-complex grease with PTFE additives, NLGI 2 rated designed for pressure points, rust protection and water repellent.

  • Operating temperatures between -40C to 180C
  • Use for slide and roll bearings, hubs, pedals, headset
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Remarkable corrosion protection
  • Very good water resistance

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