Olfi one.five Charging Bundle

USB dual battery charger with two spare batteries included
MicroUSB or Mini USB 5V2A battery charger
2 x Lithium Ion 3.8V —900mAh 3.33Wh batteries included



Olfi® one.five Charging Bundle
Capture more moments
This battery charger conveniently enables you to charge 2 spare batteries externally whilst you’re using the camera, for up to 4.5 hours of recording time from 3 batteries.
Can be powered with most standard USB power adapters with the option to use either a micro USB to USB (included) or Mini USB to USB cable.
Battery charging indicator light (one for each battery compartment) will go from red to green when a battery has an 80% charge. The last 20% charge will take approximately 1 hour to complete after the light has turned green (Full charge takes from 1-4hours)
Power source requirements
Max requirements: 5v (1A) output. Charging at 2.4A or above can charge your batteries too quickly which can make them deteriorate quicker, or lead to expansion.
After an initial 8 hour charge of a brand new battery, subsequent charges should not exceed 4 hours.
Always keep out of direct sunlight
Do not pierce battery cell – Risk of Fire
Always safely dispose of expanded or depleted batteries. Do not keep them. Do not try and use them.
Fancy doing a time lapse? OR, Want to record for longer without disturbing your camera in order to change a battery?*
Consider using the Olfi External Power case coupled with a power bank instead. This case maintains waterproof protection for the camera even when connected to a power source! *Compatible with Black Edition Olfi one.five Only.


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